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Oct 16: Women's and Coed Open Sand Soccer Tournament

Oct 25: Youth Open League
About Sand Soccer
Sand soccer, also known as Beach Soccer had its beginnings in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has grown to an International sensation in many different forms. It was brought to the States in a competitive format in 1992 by the founders of Beach Soccer Worldwide. The first professional organized event took place in 1993 in Miami Beach with teams from around the world.

Beach soccer has grown in popularity because of its fast paced style. The format it is played on emphasizes agility, skill, and shooting. The sand leads to a totally different playing style and players must learn to be flexible in how they play. The playing field is much shorter than the usual field and allows players to score from practically anywhere on the field. This leads to huge battles throughout the game.

Beach soccer is growing in popularity each year and is an international sensation. As more and more people try it they quickly find out why. Demanding, challenging, exciting, FUN - just some adjectives that will be heard around the field.

About Us

Arizona Sand Soccer is a relatively new organization committed to developing total fitness programs for all ages. If you have done anything in the sand you probably know that the workout you get is 5 times the work you would do on any other forum.

We are currently in the process of developing leagues for the sand. If you thought the tournament was fun then take it to the next level and play year round! Contact us at azsandsoccer@yahoo.com or 623-293-0300 for more information. Encourage a health, active lifestyle - something the entire family can be involved in on a regular basis.
Arizona Sand Soccer