Oct 16: Women's Open Sand Soccer Tournament

Oct 24: Youth Open tournament

Rules and Regulations

Arizona Sand Soccer
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1. Field Dimensions and ball: Youth ages 9 and under play on a 35' x 25' sand court and play with a size four ball. 12 year olds and older play on a 50' x 35' field with a size 5 ball. There is no 18 yard or 6 yard box.

2. 4 to 9 year olds will play on teams of 3 per side. Ages 10 and above (including adults) will play on teams of 5 a side. Substitutions can be made at any time. A minimum of 5 players is required for 5v5 groups while 3 players are required for 3v3 groups.

3. Games will be two 20 minute periods with a half time. Referres will keep time.

4. Each team must have a color-coordinated shirts. Only bare feet, beach socks, scuba socks and sand socks/SOCKWAs will be accepted. Referree will determine final ruling of acceptance. Shin guards are not permitted.

5. Players committing numerous or hard fouls will be yellow carded and asked to leave the field for for a minimum of two minutes, resulting in his/her team playing short a player. A second yellow card will result in an expulsion from the game and the player missing the next match. The rule is enforced by the referree.